Our Technology

state-of-the-art features:

  • Digital X-rays: Digital x-rays have the advantage of providing images with a minimum of radiation exposure. The resulting image can be viewed, enlarged, magnified, and stored electronically. Digital x-rays also help reduce waste by eliminating film and processing chemicals.
  • Digital Panography: Our digital panograph machine provides a comprehensive diagnostic image of the entire mouth, allows us the chance to check for pathology, infection, tooth abnormalities, and malpositions.
  • Paperless Charts: We use a sophisticated electronic dental record system that allows our doctors to review dental charts and x-rays through a monitor located at each dental chair.
  • Dry Vacuum System: Our dry vacuum system reduces water consumption and minimizes waste.
  • VistaClear Water Line Treatment: Water is channeled through proprietary filtration technology that delivers high quality water to each operatory in the office, keeping our patients safer from bacterial contamination found in most city water supplies.
  • Reception room video games, toys & TVs at each dental chair:  Our patients are allowed to select a program to watch from a library of over 50 movies and shows through our office Itunes.