RDA/Orthodontic Assistant

¡Hola! Nuria was born in San Francisco but raised in the East Bay. She has always loved going to the dentist as a child, and when it was time to choose her career she knew exactly what field she wanted to be a part of. In her spare time she loves to cuddle with her three little dogs Mimi, Holly, and Oreo.

She has two sisters and she loves them so much! She loves going to Disneyland and singing along to every song in Princess movies. She also likes to dance and bake pastries. She's a great listener so when kids want to tell her a story or something cool about their day, she gets very excited! She enjoys being outdoors and trying new things and after every adventure, she likes getting frozen yogurt.

Favorite Dental Term: Diastema 

Favorite Food: PB&J sandwiches 

One thing you would never guess about me: I can't swim. 

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